Saturday, December 29, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

Since we always decorate for Christmas at my mom's on Thanksgiving, we decorate at our house on Veteran's Day. Yes, it is a bit early but I love Christmas and I would have it up all the time if I could get away with it. While I was cleaning up and getting the living room ready for the tree, I asked James to keep Henry occupied. I hear tons of laughter coming from his room. I walked in and saw this: 

Just legs sticking out from under Henry's crib. 

 This one is for my mom :) 

 Peek a boo! 

 How cute is that booty?!

 Ok on to Christmas stuff! Ignore the pumpkins on the TV stand.

Putting up the tree. 

 Henry was so helpful. 

 Last year, Henry LOVED snowmen. He called them Pepe. Not sure why, he spoke very well and could say snow and men but when he tried to put snow and men together, it came out pepe! Now he calls them snowmen. It make me a bit sad. 

 He loved going behind the tree. 

 Time to put the top on! 

 Yay, I did it! 

 Now to put the star on. 

 Yay! He was excited ;) 

 Turning on the tree. 


 Now to hang the ornaments. He was pretty good at it. 

 Oh yeah, I was there too! 

 My sweet boy

Next up, Thanksgiving and decorating at my mom's.

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