Saturday, December 29, 2012

Marshmallow picnic, big boy bed and more cookies!

When I was a kid, after we finished decorating the tree, we would shut off all the lights, turn on some Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and just look at the tree. I wanted to do that with Henry this year. He loved it! 

Ok, I know it looks like he loves himself here but trust me, he loved it :) 


We spread a blanket out on the floor because hot chocolate and Henry always end up messy! Henry then called it a marshmallow picnic :) So cute! 

His favorite part was the marshmallows of course!  

 Whoops, we spilled the marshmallows.

 Here let me help clean them up. One for me, one in the bag. 

 Here mama, you have one. 


 Dada's turn. 


 Then when all the marshmallows had been eaten, Henry wanted to play baby burrito. That's a game he and James play where James rolls Henry up in the blanket like a burrito. 

Henry got James to roll up in the blanket too. 

 I love the tree with the lights off. 

Over a weekend in December, we decided it was finally time to move Henry into a big boy bed. Henry was potty trained now and was needing to get out of bed sometimes to use the restroom. We thought he might try climbing out of bed and hurting himself so it was time for the move. I was nervous about how Henry would react to his crib being dismantled so I made sure that he was part of it. He was a little freaked out at first. He kept saying, no take my crib apart! But as soon as the tools appeared and he got to help, he was all over it. 

Henry's crib, where he had slept for the first two and a half years of his life. I may have cried a bit. 

 Getting into the dismantle. 

 Using the allen wrench? 

 Total man, working with a snack in hand. I think it's a Pop Tart. 

 Once the crib was apart, we brought in the pieces for the big boy bed. Now, I didn't get a lot of pics of the assemblage of the bed because Henry had lost interest. Clearly, he likes taking apart rather than putting together. So here is the one shot of the bed pieces.

Henry is trying to rip open the box. 

 And done! Look how cute!! 

 Henry LOVES his bed! 

 He played in it all afternoon. There were times when I couldn't find him and it was super quiet, where was he? In his bed! 

I was nervous that he would fall out of his bed so I put his baby mattress at the foot of the bed and put big pillows on the sides and stuffed animals all along the wall. He has never fallen out of his bed, yet (he did however, fall out of the bed at the hotel we stayed at over Christmas, d'oh!). He does get out of bed fifty million times at bedtime. He gets up in the middle of the night and scares the bejeesus out of us. But we are working on it and I hope we are getting better. All in all, not bad :) 

Moving on, nana came up that weekend too! Now it was time for Christmas cookies! Henry was a pro since we had just done it for Halloween. He had fun with his nana, and auntie Em and auntie Zee Zee :) 

I am so excited to make cookies. Can't you tell by my face?  He has flour on his nose :) 

 Ooh sprinkles! 

 Not sure what Erin was trying to do here. Open the sprinkles? Kill me? 

 Helping nana cut out the cookies. 

Ok, let's discuss my mom's outfit. When we were kids, my mom always donned this lovely red sweatsuit. We maybe might have made a little fun of her for wearing it so she stopped wearing it. Well Emily mentioned that she'd really like to see a return of the red sweatsuit for our cookie making this year. My mom said she'd wear it... for a price. So she dug it out of storage and put it on. It is just as fantastic now as it was then. My mom would ALWAYS get flour ALL over the red sweatsuit so I took this next picture to showcase that. See the flour on the neckline on the shirt? How did it get all the way up there?! 

The red sweatsuit in all its glory! :) We love you mom!! 

 Auntie Em and Henry. 

 Hmmm maybe it needs a few more sprinkles.

 He has a sprinkle on his lip :) Hee hee! 

 Oh yeah, flour on the booty!! Christmas is complete. 

 Auntie Em took over pictures for me so I could help too. 

 Auntie Zee Zee helping Henry. 



 I was there too! I had an awful cold this weekend so I just wanted to sit. Thanks ma for letting me :) 

Random fun stuff :)

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