Saturday, December 29, 2012

This is Halloween

Henry LOVES the Nightmare Before Christmas. He watches it all the time and can sing the main song from it on cue. We had already done Halloween at Disneyland so we didn't do too much for the actual day. Well, Henry and I didn't. James DID. James went all out. Last year he had been in a costume contest at work and had lost. James does not lose well. He is super competitive. So this year, come hell or high water, he was not going to lose. Since Henry loves Nightmare Before Christmas so much, James decided to dress as Jack. He spent a lot of time on the costume and he won the costume contest at work and at the Maverick and at Old Tucson, so he was stoked! We (meaning James and Henry, I did not dress up) put on our costumes and went around our neighborhood. Henry had been looking forward to this ever since Disneyland. He loved all the decorations and wanted so much to go up to people's houses. I don't have too many pictures of the trick or treating because Henry was a little excited and I had to chase him all over since James was busy taking pictures with every one on our block ;) 
James, uh I mean, Jack. Yes, he is wearing stilts. 

 A little creepy. 

 My little Buzz :) 

 To infinity and beyond! 

 He is so Chandler from Friends! 

 And he's off! 

 Jack and Buzz

 Walking to the first house. 

 Ding dong. 

 He had a blast! 

 And was so polite too :) 

 When we got back home, he dove in to his candy stash. 

We spent the rest of the night at our house, passing out candy. He had just as much fun passing out candy as he did getting candy. The next few weeks Henry continued to try to go ring doorbells and get candy :)

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Ami said...

Such a cute little Buzz, he is!!