Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

We had a lot to do to get ready for Xmas this year. My entire family would be there, this is the first time that has happened in like three years I think. First up? Cleaning up ;) 

Bubble bath for Henry. 

Next up, cinnamon rolls! Ooooh I love cinnamon rolls! I could eat a whole pan full of these bad boys. It is a good thing we only make them once a year. 

Henry was such a good helper. Please excuse me, I am still in my Pj's :) 

 And Henry is wearing his lovely xmas skull shirt ;) 

 I asked Henry what we should name the dough (it's a family thing, we always name the dough). 

 He said we should name it "booty!" Nice kid, real nice. 


 Chandler smile! 

We made the trip to Sierra Vista early Christmas Eve morning. We wanted to spend some time together before the real chaos began. 

Henry and nana. 

 My parents got a nice new swing set for the kids to play on. The weather was pretty nice so we were outside a lot of the time. 

 Henry would climb up and shout, hello down there! 


 Looks like we are having a deep conversation here. Not sure what it was about. 

 Sean in the front practicing his throwing. Caleb and Henry in the background. 

 These boys love playing with balls. 

 Sean and Henry enjoyed rolling the balls down the slide and then following them down. 

 Henry and Starla swinging. 

 Hi dada! 

The kids did a pretty good job of playing nicely together. Next up? Christmas Eve church service!

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