Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quiet = Trouble

This collection of pictures was taken by me during various times when I was attempting to get something done. I would be working away with Henry happily playing and then... it would get quiet. As all you parents know, when it is quiet that is when you start to get worried. There were some times that I pick up the camera to see what kind of trouble Henry was getting into and I would be pleasantly surprised because he would be doing something sweet and adorable. Then there were the other times that I found chaos. Enjoy! 

On more than one occasion, I would find Henry in his big boy bed. 

 This time, Henry grabbed a book and was "reading." So cute! 

 He is ready for Kindergarden Ami, Mary and Anabelle! 

James got me a new printer for school. It came in a giant box. You see where I am going with this? 

 Can you blame him?! Look how fun! 

 Henry's classic Chandler smile. 


I had gotten some window clings to decorate our big sliding glass door in our living room. Henry had way more fun throwing the stuff and watching it stick to the window and then slide off. 

Here I thought Henry was nicely playing with his building blocks. Nope, the box again is way more fun. 

Look mama, I can fit in this tiny box! 

 Hard to be mad at that face :) 

This time I literally had my back to him while I was in the same rom with him! He loves playing in this cabinet. He calls it the Henry cabinet because it is a safe place for him to play in the kitchen. Safe yes, messy, you bet! 

Cool, a whole box of plastic spoons!  

 I fit in here way better if I push everything else out! 

 Hey mama, whatcha doing?

Henry was cold. So he decided he would be warmer if he took his shirt off and put on my scarf. Makes perfect sense. I may have helped a little. 

No shirt + scarf = good look ;) 

 On second thought, auntie Em can keep me warmer than a scarf :) 

It's a good thing that kid is cute! 

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