Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was bittersweet. We had a lot to be thankful for but we also had some work to do. My grandma passed away earlier this year and my dad was bringing back some of her things. I was happy that these things got to be in my parents' house so I could see them more often and think about good times but it also reminded me of why these things were here in the first place.  Anyway, there was some heavy lifting to be done to get ready for these big pieces of furniture. First thing on the to do list, empty and move my mom's china cabinet. My grandma's lovely old china cabinet would be taking its place. 

Henry is enjoying playing in the now empty china cabinet. 


Henry also enjoyed playing with my parents' dog, Angel. She is so old, poor thing. 

It took five big strong men and me (hey, I am freakishly strong!) to get this china cabinet off the truck and into the house. The entire front is glass so getting a grip to carry it was difficult. You should have seen us trying to get this thing into the house in one piece! But we did it! Whew! And huge props to James for rewiring the lighting on the inside so now all the shelves have lighting :) 

Here is a shot of my grandma's china cabinet with some of her Hummel's and a few other pieces. The chair to the left was also in my grandparents' old house for as long as I can remember. The cross, the Last Supper and the portrait of the man praying that are on the wall also hung in my grandparents' dining room. It was so strange to see this collection of items in my parents' house. Very surreal, but very pretty. 

This buffet was also in the family. I never remember it being in my grandparents' house but my dad tells me it was in his grandparents' house. I could be getting this all wrong. 

Here is one of the lamps that mom has loved for forever. Those are real crystals! Just gorgeous. 

Ok back to Thanksgiving stuff. We did some crafting :) 

Henry painting a handprint turkey.

We also did some baking! 


Then it was time for church. I don't think anyone was in the "let's try to take a big group picture" mood, so I only have a few pics from church. 


The backs of Erin, Henry and me. Like my stylish Mickey Mouse backpack? ;) 

Time for dinner!!
Feed me! 

Oh boy that's a lot of people! And we were even missing my older brother and his family! 

The weather was nice so we went outside after dinner for some play time.

Hi Auntie Zee Zee! 

Henry pushing Sean on the little swing. 

This picture cracks me up! That is Sean's upper half and Henry's lower half :) 

Cousins :) 

Henry, Starla and Sean playing the piano. 

I think I made Starla tickle the boys to get them to laugh :) 

Time to decorate another tree! This time is was nana's tree. Henry had already gotten some good practice doing our tree at home so by now he was an expert! 

I got this! 

Pause for a quick nana hug :) 

Yes, Henry was good at hanging ornaments... he just hung them all on ONE branch! :) 

Thanksgiving was awesome. Full of family, food and fun :) 

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