Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winterhaven 2012

Winterhaven is one of my favorite Christmas season traditions. I love walking around and seeing all the beautifully decorated homes. People go all out and it is always fun to see what they come up with. Henry had fun seeing all the lights and was always sad to leave each house to move on to the next one. I was a bit nervous for this year's trip to Winterhaven because Henry is newly potty trained and all they have in Winterhaven are (gulp) porta-potties. Yuck! I did my best to make sure he went before we got there and he did, but despite my best efforts, Henry needed to use a porta-potty while we were there. He was a champ and did his business with no problem. I was grossed out but he didn't mind! My mom and Emily came with us too and we had such a good time but we missed Erin. It was pretty cold that night so please enjoy our awesome desert winter outfits :) 

My mom and Henry in front of the penguin house. 

 Henry lasted in the stroller for a good ten minutes before he wanted to get out and run around. 

 Me and my baby in front of the Winter Wonderland house. 

 James and Henry. 

 Nana and Henry. 

 Auntie Em and Henry. 

 They had some fun props out to take pictures with. Henry was not into it. 

 But I was! 

 A tree made entirely of alcohol bottles! 

 Henry loved the Cars house. 

 He even wanted to take a picture in front of one of the cars by himself! 

 This was one of Henry's favorite houses. It had lights in the shape of faces that sang to music. He loved it! 

 Little boy in awe. 

 Another of Henry's favorites was the Nightmare Before Christmas house. This picture on this garage door was made entirely of colored duct tape! Way cool! 

 Saying goodbye to Winterhaven. 

Henry was very sad to finally leave. I was glad he liked it so much :) 

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