Thursday, December 17, 2009

And God bless us, everyone!

When I taught first grade, I decided to do a little mini-musical celebration with the kids for Christmas. Each class was in charge of a song, the kids dressed up in red and green and the kids sang and danced for their parents. It was so fun and cute, I loved it! We did it for at least the past five years. Well, last year I graduated to second grade and I really, really wanted to take my show with me. Unfortunately, it had become a first grade tradition and I had to let it go. I needed to come up with a new thing to celebrate the season with my kids. Well, my sisters and I have always loved A Christmas Carol. I thought it would be super cute for the kids to do that as a play! Luckily, I found a script online and tried it out last year. It went great! The kids learned a lot about the 19th century and Charles Dickens. It was fun for me to share something I really loved with the kids and the parents truly enjoyed coming to see their kids in a Christmas play. Since I had success with it last year, I decided to do it again this year. It is so much work but it was worth it when I see the parents' faces :) Almost all the kids' parents were able to come and they all let me know afterwards that it went really well, even though I did accidentally call one student by another student's name. Whoops! My sister Erin got to come again this year too :) I'm glad it went well and it's over. It's a bit stressful. Check out the cute picture I got of my kids...

Hee-hee :) Merry Christmas! And God bless us, everyone!

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Ann Brosnan said...

We were there. It was so great! Some of those kids might have a future in acting! Brett just loves his "crazy silly" teacher. We're so lucky to have you! I hope you have a very happy & safe holiday.