Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby pics :)

We went for our "formal ultrasound" today. I was nervous, of course, hoping that everything would be normal. Thankfully, we had a very nice tech who explained everything to us and pointed out all the bits and pieces. It was so cool to see all that stuff going on right in my belly! Everything was perfect! I even have a bunch of pics to share :) Embarrassing ones for the future too but hey, inquiring minds want to know! Hopefully I can remember what each pic is of...

Here was our first glimpse of our baby :)
Can you see it? Yep, that's a little ding, ding! It's a BOY!
Nice shot of his twig and berries ;)
A nice profile :)

Here's the little one yawning.
Another profile.
Closer profile.
And again.
Here's his arm and leg, all measuring perfect for his due date! :)
Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we did! We are so excited to be having a little boy :)


Ami said...

I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE the pictures!! They are SUCH great shots! Especially the twig and berries! I'd say there's no mistaken that's a little boy in there! :) Thanks for putting pictures up so quickly! You knew we'd be dying to see them, huh? Congratulations! Boys are so sweet...

Anabelle said...

YAY for boys! Jaxon is excited to have another little friend to play with! Those pictures are wonderful. He is already very handsome.

PS I'm happy I will not be the only one with only a boy! :)