Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Another Christmas tradition we have in my family is church. We have a children's service on Christmas Eve that we all "enjoy"... especially now that we no longer have to participate! We eat our traditional Albondigas soup, get dressed up, bundle up and head off to church. This year I wanted to make sure and take pictures of everyone by the tree since it would be our last Christmas before babies ;)

It looks like there are only three people in this picture, but there are really SIX! Can you believe me and both my sisters in law are pregnant at the same time?!? Left to right: Leah (my older brother's wife, due one week after me) Me, Kenya (my younger brother's wife, due February 12th)
The happy couple's last calm Christmas before baby boy comes to add fun and excitement :)
My big and getting bigger everyday, family. Top row, left to right: Chris, Leah, Matt, Erin, Me, James. Second row: Kenya, daddy. Third row: Emily, momma. Front and center: Starla (Kenya's daughter) There are currently eleven of us, next Christmas there will be FOURTEEN!!!
We did a little math today and right now there are seven girls and four boys in our family. However, since Kenya and I are both having boys, the boys are quickly catching up! If Leah turns out to be having a boy too (which we all think she will!) that will even up the boys and the girls, seven and seven! Crazy huh? Should be a very interesting Christmas next year :)

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