Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas cinnamon rolls

There are so many Christmas traditions we have in my family that I love. One of our traditions that James and I started taking over is the making of the cinnamon rolls. I'm not talking the pop out of the tube kind either. I'm talking the made from scratch dough, all day type of project. I'm not sure exactly where this tradition got started but I'm thinking it was my dad's grandma. The recipe got passed down through the family and I'm proud to now be a part of it. James and I have had a chance to practice the last couple of years with my mom and this year we tried it on our own and, I think we got it down perfect! Here are some pics of the multiple steps it takes to make these wonderful rolls.

Step one: make the dough and let it rise.
Step two: knead and name. I know it sounds strange but we always name the dough since it kind of seems alive anyway. We named this dough Franklin ;)
Step three: roll out!
Sometimes it's a bit difficult to roll, you need a big strong man to do it!
Step four: while the dough is being rolled, I make the filling. Lots of butter, sugar and cinnamon!
Step five: once the dough is rolled, we spread the cinnamon filling.

See how much fun!!
Ready for the next step.
Step six: rolling up the filled dough. I shaped it into an "S" just cuz it was fun :)
Step seven: cut and place in pans, let rise again before baking.
Ta-da!!! :) And they were super yummy too!!

Daisy likes to help too :)
Stay tuned for more Christmas fun the next few days. There was way too much for one post :)

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