Monday, December 28, 2009

I guess I'm not 21 anymore

I used to go out ALL the time. EVERY weekend I would go out. Jenn, Victoria, Aimee and I had our routine in college. We used to be slightly crazy. We would even go so far as to call each other to remind each other NOT to eat so would get drunker faster! Jeez, what were we thinking? Then after college, I met Ami, Mary, Anabelle and Nicole and discovered the Moon. We would go every Saturday night and line dance and have so much fun! Nicole and I would even go so far as to bring Pucker in the car with us and do shots (in the parking lot, not while we were driving!) before going in (drinks were expensive!). Then I met James. We would still go out every weekend, maybe not drink quite as much but still go dancing just because we both loved it. And then... I got knocked up. So much for going out every weekend. We didn't go out for about six months. Last Saturday, I was feeling well enough to actually go out! Yippee! It had been so long, I was so excited to finally go out dancing! The first problem was trying to find something to wear. Back in the day, I would wear my shortest skirt, my tightest shirt and my highest heels and be ready to go! Yeah, after gaining 10-15 pounds during the first four months of my pregnancy, none of my pre-pregnancy Moon clothes would fit. Well, they still "fit" but it was not a pretty sight. So I tried some of my maternity clothes. Those made me look like I was going to a PTA meeting! I was cute but I was not used to this look for going out to the Moon. Ugh. Alright, I can do this. Now instead of bringing a bottle of Pucker, I brought an apple with me. Nobody likes a hungry pregnant girl ;) Once we got in, I was ready to dance! Apparently, so was our son! I had felt him move around a teeny bit before but it was NOTHING like this! He was moving all around and didn't stop for a good long time. James could even feel him this time and he never had before! I was slightly afraid I might be damaging the baby's hearing because the music was so loud. Pre-baby, I could dance all night long. James and I could stay till closing and dance every song without getting winded. Not so much now. I could go maybe two songs and then needed a break and a lot of water. I lasted a whole two hours! We got there at about 9:00 and left by 11:00. The next day I was tired and sore. I'm wondering if it will be another six months before we go out again ;) By then, I'll have another set of issues to deal with!

Our little mover and shaker :)


Anabelle said...

You're a trooper! I'm thinking it will be another 3 years or so before you go out! We went "out" on Saturday and I was ready to come home by 10:30! I'm proud you made it until 11:00 :)

Nicole said...

I know the feeling... I am happy you made it out one last time:)