Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pregnancy symptoms nobody tells you about

Everybody talk about morning sickness. I knew I had that coming. What I didn't know was the myriad of other symptoms I'd have to deal with along with it. I thought I'd share a few just in case you are like me, totally clueless ;)

* Fatigue - I knew that after having the baby, I'd be tired but I didn't realize quite how tired I'd be just being pregnant! When you think about it, I am trying to grow a person so it makes sense. Thankfully, that has MOSTLY passed.

* Breast tenderness - A very nice way of saying... MY BOOBIES HURT!!! I could not believe how sore my boobs were. I could not sleep on my side, drive over speed bumps or even get hugs. I would hold James's arms down at his side when he hugged me so there was no danger of pain being inflicted from hugs. I could not really explain this to kids at school so I took to doing the side hug where I'd just put my arm around the kids. Luckily this has MOSTLY passed too.

* Acne - Yeah, I feel like a teenager again! Apparently that lovely pregnant "glow" is all oil! So not cool. I'm waiting for this to pass soon too!

* Rhinitis - Have no idea what it is? I didn't either!!! Apparently pregnancy does mean things to your whole body including your NOSE! I went to bed one night and could not breathe to save my life! I thought I was coming down with a cold but had absolutely no other symptoms and it didn't go away! I finally freaked out enough to check my baby books and lo and behold, it's a pregnancy symptom. Luckily Ami and Anabelle informed me that breathe right strips work wonders. Now I can breathe at night. If only there were a cool way for me to wear them during the day. Thankfully there is a cure... having the baby!

* Lack of belly - I know this is not technically a symptom but I feel it's relevant to mention. I thought for sure that by this point I would LOOK more pregnant. I'm about four months now and to me, that seems about time to have a pregnant belly, however, I have what looks like a beer belly!

I may discover more later but that's enough for now :)

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Nicole said...

Oh Sarah...there are so many more. You should read Jenny MCCarthy's book... I have it, I will look for it. The best are the bleeding gums, the brown nipples and the awesome pressure towards the end. My fav chapter in her book is called Blue Twinkies... so gross, but oh so true! The best thing though-it goes away! And then you have new issues, like breast feeding, leaking, after birth pain Good TImes! But you also have A BABY!!! It makes all the crap worth it! I promise. Trust me, I had all the crap!