Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas day 2013

Christmas morning at my parents' meant more stockings! 

He is just as excited for this time around. 

 He was getting tired of pulling out one thing at a time so he decided to dump it out. 


 A Toy Story Rubik's cube. 

 A spy glass. 

 Spencer's turn. 

 Shoes for the baby. 

After we went to the Christmas morning church service (and got some more cinnamon rolls) it was time for presents!  

Spencer was asleep so Henry got to go first. 

 Car sheets. 

 Starla, Sean, James and Spencer is under the blanket. 

 Emily's shirt totally means something... I just don't know what ;) 

 My mom, or as we call her on Christmas, Santa :) 

 He was so excited to get this bear. He refused to call him by his name (Lotso) but calls him "The bear from Woody Buzz Three." 

 We got Sean a book that records your voice reading the book. So fun! 

 Got Starla books too, I'm such a teacher. 

 Got Em a Supernatural shirt. 

 And Erin got the Little Mermaid. 

 Got my mom a bath mat. Exciting eh? 

 Got my dad booze, I hope it's good! 

 My mom got Henry a Toy Story game. 

 Spencer woke up finally. 

 Time to open presents little girl. 

 Cute clothes. 

 Darth Vader action figure. Henry loves Darth Vader. He has gone to the dark side ;) 

 Spencer needed an outfit change. It says, my first Christmas :) 

 The boys examining a playset the Sean got. (Note to self: Next year, remove ALL toys from packaging BEFORE wrapping! Henry was obsessed with getting each item out of the box. Whoever designed packaging for kids' toys was a sadistic person. It is impossible to get the stuff out!) 

 My mom collects crystals. This past year, we lost our dog, Angel. My dad got my mom a golden retriever crystal. This made everyone cry. Way to go dad! 

 And Piglet. Nobody cried for this one ;) 

 An initial necklace like my grandma had. 

 A charm bracelet with all her kids and grandkids :) 

 Spencer had to catch up on her presents since she was asleep. 

 Fur coat from nana (but not a real fur coat, that's cruel). 

 A Snow White doll. Wait, which one is the doll? :) 

 All done, now for some cuddles! 


 Henry fell asleep on the swing! He was exhausted from having so much fun! 

 My mom got the boys a little red tractor to play with at the house. Too cute! 

 More pics of her first Christmas :) 

 Getting them both to look and smile is nearly impossible. 

 Ok, I'm done, get her off of me! :) 

Christmas was so fun this year. Henry finally "gets" it. Next year should be even more fun! :) 

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Mary said...

Her outfit is too cute! And love the tractor : ) Think my favorite is Henry sleeping on the swing...a sign of a good Christmas!