Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random cuteness

More cute random pics :) 

Good morning! 

 Ugh, trouble. I think she might be a Packer fan. 

 Henry has a baby Woody doll. One day, he decided that baby Woody needed to eat so he took one of our empty water bottles and started feeding him. It was too cute!

 I am cracking up because now Henry took a burp cloth and is wiping the doll's face! 

Random baby bath cuteness 

Making Christmas cookies! :) 

 Auntie Em and baby girl. 

 Cute little crooked smile :) 

 So goofy! 

I was going to have pictures taken of the kids and again wanted to try on their outfits to be sure they fit. I decided to try to take my own pictures. Let's just say I'm glad I have someone else take their pictures! Not so great but still kinda cute :) 

 Hee hee :) 

 He was done at this point! 

 James totally decked out our house! 

Spencer is wearing Henry's Jesse hat. 

 Henry photo bombing, as usual. 

More random cute baby pics.

 Love this girl! 

Henry was obsessed with his Jake costume so he wore it just about every night. 

 More cute baby pics. 

Henry got a new musical from nana and needed me to take his picture with it under the tree :) 

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