Friday, January 3, 2014

Winterhaven 2013

Every year since James and I have been together, we go to Winterhaven. It was a bit different this year with such a little baby but she sure was cute all bundled up :) 

Think she is bundled up enough?! It was actually not too cold the night we went but I wanted to be sure she wasn't cold. 

 One of the first houses we stopped at, had Henry amazed! 

 Once Henry figured out that all the houses were like this, he started pulling me through Winterhaven to see all the houses! It was so cute! 

Me and my little family.

 Erin, Emily, Spencer, Nana, me and Henry :) 

 Henry loved the Cars house. 

 Auntie and Henry

 James and Spencer. She lasted maybe an hour in her stroller and then wanted out and wanted to eat. 

Henry loves the Nightmare Before Christmas. We remembered that there was a house last year that had the songs from the movie. Once he had that in his head, we HAD to find the house and thank goodness, it was there this year too! He was soooooo excited when we heard the songs and started running to the house. 

 Check out the face over Spencer's shoulder. So cool!

 Henry parked himself in front of that house and did not want to move! 

 Henry and Auntie. 

 Think he was happy?

 We had to get our picture in front of this house. I think Henry would have stayed there all night! 

 By this point Spencer was getting crabby, Henry was obsessed with staying in front of this one house and it was getting crazy crowded. It was time to go. 

 But not before we took a picture in front of the Tardis. What ever that is... 

All in all, it was a good time. Next time, I'm packing a fun flask ;) 

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