Friday, January 3, 2014

December fun

We had so much fun this December! Check it out :) 

Look at how big she is getting!! 

 Again, Henry needed attention so he put his shoes on his hands :) 

 Little man just HAD to have a Santa hat. Luckily we found one at his favorite store, Michael's, for like two bucks. 

 Baby girl has been working hard at holding her head up during tummy time. She's getting better but it sure is tiring! 

 She is also trying to sit up. She hardly ever wants to lay down anymore and literally tries to sit up on her own. She can't quite hold it yet, but she is close! 

 Lovin' on his baby sister. 

 Henry took this picture! I thought it was pretty good for a three year old. Ignore the huge dark circles under my eyes ;)


Some adorable baby pics. 

James's parents came to visit. 

Christmas time means cinnamon rolls! YUMMM! 

James rolling the dough. 

 Spencer woke up from her nap just in time to help :) 

 Henry helped too! 

 Auntie Em helped too! 

 Done! And boy, they were good!!!! 

 Bath time cuteness :) 

 Her adorable half smile absolutely kills me! 

During Christmas, we love to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol. It's really the only good version ;) Henry decided to dress up like Ebenezer Scrooge. My mom found him a cute top hat, we'd tie a shirt around his neck for a scarf and he'd use an upside down light saber for a cane. So dang cute! 

 I'd have to be careful to call him by the right name because he also got really into Star Wars around this same time. So when he would wear his cape but no hat and hold his light saber right side up, he was Darth Vader :) 

More cookies?!? Yes, we made cookies several times in December. Henry LOVED making and eating sugar cookies. This time my mom and sister helped out. 

 Making cookies with nana and Auntie Em.

 And Auntie Zee Zee :) 

 I was there too! 

 Something is funny here, not sure what. 

 Henry was pretty sneaking when no one was looking and took a big bite right out of the ball of dough. 

 Spencer woke up ready to help! 

 Loves for Auntie! 

 Let's make cookies! 

 My turn! 

 Me and my babies :) 

 How do you not LOVE this face :) 

 Henry wanted to be a baby too! 

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