Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random cute pictures from November

No rhyme or reason to these. Just some cute pictures :)

Morning snuggle buddies. 

Spencer is growing so fast, she is out-growing outfits faster than she can wear them. Here is one that I simple had to have her wear because it was so dang cute... too bad she did NOT like it ;)  

 Spencer was not a big fan of sleeping in her own bed so to get her to sleep longer, one of us would hold her. Sometimes we'd fall asleep right along with her. 

 Awwww! :) 

 My lame-ass attempt at a one month picture... it had slipped my mind until late that night. 

 And just some cute pictures of my baby. I want to bite her cheeks!!

I think Henry is getting a bit jealous of all the pics I take of the baby. I try to take pics of him too but sometimes I forget. Well, he doesn't let me forget for long. He will make up reasons for me to take pictures of him! Here is saying, "Mama, take pictures of me dancing!" So I did :) 

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