Thursday, January 2, 2014

Decorating the Xmas tree

I love Christmas... no, I mean, I REALLY LOVE Christmas. So much so that we usually decorate pretty early. I'm talking Veteran's day people. This year we were about a week behind because my mom and sisters wanted to help too! It was great having the extra hands to hold the baby while I helped put up the tree and wrangle Henry. 

Always such a good helper, Henry handed me branches to put together the tree. We've had this same tree since James and I moved in to our first house together. Might be time for a new tree next year, this year it was getting a bit difficult to put together. 

 This candy cane does not go on the tree but Henry enjoyed playing with it anyway. 

 Auntie Zee Zee fed Spencer while we kept working. 

 I was not having a easy time of putting the tree together, grrrr! 

 Yay! James is going to help now! 

 Hmmm where does this piece go? ;) 

 Time to put up ornaments! 

 First ornament hung! Henry's apple. 

 Sleepy baby. She slept through almost the whole thing. 

Time to put the star on top! Henry was so excited to do this part! 


 More sleepy baby pics. 

 Hanging more ornaments.

 So serious. 

My mom always jokes with us that when we were kids, we would hang all our ornaments on the same branch. Well, now I can see why she said that. Henry did the exact same thing! Every ornament went on one branch! 

At least three ornaments on that one branch! 

 Nana and baby. 

 Now that she is finally awake, let's hang some ornaments! She is super excited! ;) 

 Me and my baby girl. 

 Henry LOVED playing under the tree :) 

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