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Christmas Eve 2013

This is a loooong post, I apologize in advance. Since we were planning on going down to my parents' place for the evening Christmas Eve church service, James and I decided to do our own family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. Did that make sense? Basically, Christmas Eve was our Christmas :) 

We started with cinnamon rolls of course. Henry asked if he could have one and I said, sure! I thought he would wait for me to get one for him. Nope! He went for it himself :) That's my boy! 

 Pulling it straight out of the center, just like his mommy.


Christmas Eve Eve, I set out all the presents. 

 And the stockings.

 As soon as Henry got up, he went straight for his stocking. It was so cute seeing how excited he was about every little thing! 

 I got him some "mousketools" to play with his play dough. 

 Happy boy! 

 Showing off his tools. 

 Daddy got Jelly Belly jelly beans :) (like his shirt?) 

 His haul from his stocking. 

I have mentioned before that my family loves watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. So I put it on in the morning while we had breakfast. Henry really does love the movie, but there is one part that he does NOT like. It is the part where the door knocker changes into Jacob Marley and yells Scrooge. Not sure why, but Henry HATES it! At least he watches it now. He used to run from the room crying. I had to take a picture of it to remember when he is older :) 

Covering his ears for the loud yell. 

 Oooooh! Scary? I don't get it. 

 While we had breakfast and fed the baby, Henry just had to play with his play dough and mousketools. I think he would have been happy with just this! 

 After Spencer ate, she was ready to open her stocking! 

 She is super impressed ;) 

 More stocking stuff with daddy. 

 Blurry but cute squeal of laughter. 

 Spencer's haul from her stocking. 

 More cinnamon rolls. 

 I read Henry the Christmas story before we opened our presents so he might understand a little bit better as to why he was getting presents. 

 In my family, we always opened presents one at a time from youngest to oldest. So this year, Spencer got to go first! She is super excited ;) 

 And yes, we open presents in our pj's. I love Henry's pj's. They are Woody pajamas :) Henry also chose Spencer's pj's for her. He told me she had to wear green so she could be Buzz Lightyear! Too cute! Opening presents with Woody and Buzz :) 

 I think this is her photo book. Henry had one when he was her age and he loved it! We filled it with pictures of family members so it was fun to look at. 

 Henry's first present. He was way faster than Spencer. 

 Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 


 Umm I'd rather chew on my sleeve thanks! 

 Musical lion, she LOVES this :) 

 Me and my baby boy opening presents. 


 And Jake! 

 He also got Captain Hook so now he has a full set :) 

 A Woody shirt, so maybe now he'll quit bugging me to let him wear his Woody pajamas out of the house! 

 Jake shirt. 

 Daddy's turn. 

 Nightmare Before Christmas shirts. 

 The Gruffalo! 

 Mama's turn. 

 I'm dying to see Garth Brooks in Vegas. Can't quit get there so James got me the box set :) 

 A Zurg mask that talks and changes your voice! 

 And, of course, the Zurg blaster! 

 So cool!! 

 And with the blaster. 

 Henry's BIG present, a Power Wheels! The lights and siren work too :) 

 He was so excited to drive it! 

 He was not too great at first but he got better. 

 Baby sister wanted a ride too :) 

 Don't worry, we didn't actually let him drive with her. 

Henry also got a bike but for some reason I didn't take any pictures of that. I did take video :) 

The aftermath. 

 My big present, a new laptop!! My old one has been limping along for over a year now. James got me a new one!!! Hmm, I got him t-shirts, he got me a laptop... oops! :) 

 Thanks babe!!!! 

After we cleaned up our mess, it was time to head down to my parents. We packed up a ton of stuff for one day and drove down to Sierra Vista. We got all dressed up and went to church. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I LOVE the Christmas Eve service. 

My little family. 

After the beautiful candlelit church service, we took a ton more pictures. 

Nana and Spencer. I love Spencer's dress, gold!  

 Spencer slept through pretty much the entire service and woke up for pictures :) 

 I love my brother Matt's expression here :) 

 I love Starla's expression here :) 

 That's better! 

 Me and my babies :) 

 My brother Matt's family. 

 My sisters and me. 

 All the girls. 

 Henry photo bombing the girls :) 

 The kiddos. 

 The boys. Same cheesy smiles. 

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