Thursday, January 2, 2014

Josie's baptism

My brother Chris and his wife Leah had a baby girl two days before we had Spencer. Crazy how close our kids are! Since Chris and Leah are moving to Idaho, this was one of our last chances to get together. 

Erin and Josie (Like my face there!) 

 Me and Spencer. The girls look similar but Spencer is so much smaller! 

 Our huge, giant family! From left to right:
Chris holding Logan, Leah with Caleb, Erin with Josie, James, my mom, me and Spencer, my dad, Emily with Henry, Matt with Sean, Kenya with Starla. That's 17 of us!!!!!! Dude! 

 My dad with Josie. 

 My mom and dad with all 7 of their grandkids :) 

 My brother and his family. Good luck on your new adventure! 

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