Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beach vacation 2014 Day 1

Our beach vacation this year was so much fun! Henry is at a stage where he can enjoy the beach and he's old enough to really play in the water and build sand castles. This was Spencer's first trip to the beach and we were excited to see if she would be a little beach babe like her brother. The trip over this year was quite interesting. We were driving straight through instead of spending the night in Yuma like we usually do. Henry was pretty good for most of the trip. He watched movies, ate snacks and actually did really well with using restrooms! Spencer on the other hand, didn't do so hot. We thought she would sleep but she only slept for a short time. By the time we reached El Centro, she was DONE being in the car. The last leg of the trip was pretty miserable. Once we finally got to San Diego, she was ready to get out and play. So we went straight down to the beach :) 

Spencer's first glimpse of the beach. 

 She was unimpressed ;) 

 Henry was SUPER excited to be at the beach! He LOVED it :) 

 Baby toes on the beach. 

 Walking baby down to the water. 

 Dipping her toes in, just like we did to Henry was he was a baby. 

 Will she love it or hate it? 



 Hated it! 

 She was not happy with us. 

 Henry was having a ball! 

 I told him not to get too wet, and of course, he listened really well ;) 

 Baby was still not happy about her cold toes. 

 My attempt to get a picture with all of them. 

 Henry didn't stand still for long. 

 James tried one more time to put Spencer's toes in the water. 

 Nope, still hates it. 

 Why are you doing this to me?!

 Mama, did you SEE why he did to me?! 

 So I tried to put her toes in the sand, thinking that might be better. 

 Nope, she was just crabby. 

 Baby toes in the sand.

One day down, six to go. One kid LOVES it, one kid HATES it. Should make for an interesting trip :) 

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