Monday, June 2, 2014

Easter pics

We went down to SV for church at my parents' for Easter. This year we decided to do an early Easter brunch and then home for the kids' Easter baskets. We got to church early (amazing!) so I tried to get the kids to take some pics before church. They were not really into it ;) 

Me and my babies :) 

 Silly girl! 

After church we tried for some more pics. 

Our first Easter as a family of four! 

 I love Henry's scrunchy smile :) 

 Auntie Kenya and baby girl. 

We "hid" some eggs for Sean and Henry to find in my parents' backyard. They did a little better this year at finding the eggs.. but not much! They still ran right past them :) 

 Cousins :) 

After our delicious brunch, we headed home to do our Easter baskets with the kids. Spencer didn't get it, of course, but she was still cute :) 

Uhhh what's this? 

 Don't worry, we didn't let her eat the Peeps… I mostly put them in there for show. Ok let's be honest, I put them in there for me to eat :) 

 A little chick for my baby. 

 So excited she fell over! 

 The squeaky rubber ducky was her favorite. 

 She spotted the camera. 

 Those eyes! 

 She loves toes. 

 TIme for Henry's basket. 

 Henry was excited about every little thing in his basket :) 


 The rubber ducky was a hit with Henry too! 

 Playing with daddy. 

 Tuckered out after a busy day. 

 Such an angelic face. 

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