Friday, June 27, 2014

Beach vacation 2014 Day 2

Day two of our vacation was sunny and warm. Now usually in June it is cloudy and cold but this year, it was sunny and hot every day! My plan was to spend all day at the beach. My mom laughed when I said that. She was like, yeah "all day" really translates to "a few hours." I said, no way! We are at the beach, I'm going to stay at the beach! You'd think by now, I'd learn to listen to my mom! I could have probably spent all day at the beach, but the kiddos.. not so much! I thought for sure that after a good night's sleep Spencer would like the beach better. She was ok but still not a huge fan. Henry loved playing in the water but he got sooooo cold so quickly. Bless his little heart, he didn't care about being cold, even though his lips were blue and he was shivering. He would have stayed in that water all day. I pulled him out to warm him up every now and then. I didn't take too many pictures this day, I was in the water most of the time with Henry. I think I have more pictures on my phone but I'm still trying to figure out how to add them here :) So here are the few pictures I do have from day two. 

Forgot to change the setting on the camera! Oops! 

 That's better. I love Spencer's little swim suit :) 

 She loved playing with the sand toys. 

 In this case, "playing with" means "chewing on!" 

 It was already covered in sand from when Henry was playing with it. 

 So Spencer ate some sand, oh well. Won't be the last time! 

 I was trying to keep the bright sun out of her face but also get her face in pictures. Not easy. 

 Yes, she's sticking her tongue through that hole. 


 My cold little water baby trying to warm up before heading back in to the surf. 

 Silly boy. 

 Looking and smiling! Yay! 

 Nana and baby :) 

 Spencer wanted some of mom's Dr. Pepper! 

 So sweet! 

So yeah, my "all day at the beach" ended up being just a few hours, just like my mom predicted. Spencer was still tired and crabby and not a huge fan of the sand or the water. Henry finally got so cold that he was cranky and ready for a bath and rest. We had fun and went back at sunset for a nice walk :) 

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