Monday, June 2, 2014

Random cute pics

My babies are growing so fast that I need to take pictures of them in cute outfits before they grow out of them :) 

Cute outfit #1

 Love my babies! 

 Cute outfit #2

 A pink tutu!!!!! So flippin' cute! 

 I tried to get her to "sit" in this chair… she was not having it! 

 Such a good big brother!

 Hee hee :) 

 Cute outfit #3

 Barefoot baby in grass… so cute! 

 We finally got Spencer a baby swing for outside. She's not quite sure she likes it yet. 

 You can't see it here, but this is Spencer's 7 month picture. 

 She didn't want to sit still for it this time! 

 Baby loves books already! 

 Henry decided it was cold enough to wear a coat (with no pants!) this day. 

And then there's this day. Henry wanted to build a sand castle. With Henry, "building a sand castle" translates to "I want to play in the mud!" So I asked him if he wanted to put on his bath suit. He said, no I'll just wear my undies! Ummm ok, whatever! So when he's older, I have some great blackmail pics here, please enjoy! 

 Such concentration! 

 Can you figure out what's going in here? 

 How about now? 

 Yeah, it took me this long to figure out he was smashing the sand castle with his HEAD! 

 So proud of himself! 

 Hope you had fun big guy! 

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