Friday, June 27, 2014

Beach vacation 2014 Day 4 - Sea World!!!

This year we decided to take Henry to Sea World! Thankfully, my mom and Emily agreed to watch Spencer so we could have a fun day with Henry :) We figured he was at a good age to enjoy seeing the animals and be able to sit through the shows pretty well. We also thought he'd enjoy the few rides there too. We were half right ;) Henry did enjoy the animals and was pretty good sitting for the shows but… he was a half inch too short for the rides :( Luckily, Henry didn't seem to mind that he had to miss out on the rides. He had a blast anyway :) 

Our first stop was the penguins. So cute!!! 

 Henry was happy to be able to ride the little rides :) Elmo's flying fish. 

 Oscar the grouch's sea snake something. I did not like this ride. It swings back and forth and spins at the same time, yuck! 

 I think Henry was nervous too. 

 Abby's sea star spin. After the Oscar thing, I sat this one out. 

 Then Henry wanted to go on Elmo again, so James took him this time. 

 After the rides, it was time for the first show, Blue Horizons, AKA dolphins! 

 I was a totally loser and forgot Henry's hat (d'oh!) so he wore mine for a lot of the time. He looked pretty cute in my pink U of A hat :) 

 I thought it was a good show, Henry sat for the whole thing and only asked if it was over about ten times :) 

 One of the things Henry was looking forward to most was seeing sharks! It was hard getting pics in the shark tunnel but Henry loved it! 

 Then we went on the sky ride. It was a nice, cool ride over the bay.

 Happy boy :) 

 There was like, no one in line so we asked the ride guys if we could just sit on and go again. They said sure so that made Henry super happy :) 

 They had a bunch of animals in tanks that the kids could touch. Henry touched lots of cool stuff but he refused to touch the manta rays. Those big stingers freaked him out. James and I touched them and boy did they feel weird, like jelly! 

 Henry touching a star fish. 

 Totally should have brought the stroller, Henry was so tired by this point. 

 Then it was time for my favorite show, Clyde and Seamore! 

 Most of the jokes were geared toward adults so James and I loved it :) 

 I learned by this show that Henry would sit still longer with a snack. So I gave him some gummies and a sucker, he was good to go :) 

 Seeing the dolphins up close. 

 By now, we were way late for the Shamu show that I wanted to see. So we ran up to the stadium and it was packed. We went up the back stairs and watched from the walkway. This was the best because it was close and shaded! Henry could wander around and still see the show. It was great! :) 

 Afterward, we went to see Shamu from under the water, so cool! 

 Walking down the street with some flamingos! 

 By now, Henry was tired and hot so we decided to call it a day. We stopped by the touch tanks one last time and let Henry say good bye to all his sea creature friends. 

 I think these are horseshoe crabs. 

 These might be sharks. 

 When we got back, we noticed something new in Spencer's mouth! Little girl got her first tooth!! 

 We went for a walk down the beach and got some pics with a fake whale ;) 

 Baby girl didn't feel like being in her stroller any more and Henry was really tired so… this happened ;) 

It was a fun day :) 

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