Friday, June 27, 2014

Beach vacation 2014 Day 3

Day three of our vacation took us to Seaport Village. It's one of my favorite places in San Diego and I was excited to take the kids there to ride the carousel! 

Baby girl's first carousel ride :) 

 She's so big! Already hanging on all by herself! 

 Henry's face says it all. He was excited to ride but a little nervous about it too. 

 About half way through the ride, he pointed to one of the animals that doesn't go up and down and said he'd rather ride that one. He was not a fan of the up and down motion in conjunction with the round and round motion. 

 Baby just wanted to eat the pole! Ick! 

 Nana couldn't miss her grand babies riding the carousel. 

 Auntie Em taking pictures too! 

 Is it over yet? 

 Spencer seemed to like it well enough. 

 Later, I took Henry on the carousel again to ride the dragon that does NOT go up and down. He liked that a lot better :) 

 My turn to hold baby! 

 Such a pretty girl! 

 We found our fountain and Henry was ready to throw pennies in! 

 My little family :) 

 My babies and their nana and auntie. So glad we could all go on vacation together :) 

 Maybe she'll like this water? 

 There were a bunch of fire engines there that day. 

 No visit to Seaport village is complete without some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Henry enjoyed his cookies and cream cone, yum! 

 Spencer was exhausted from her long morning. 

After we were done at Seaport village, we stopped by my mom and dad's new casa they recently purchased in San Diego. We are calling it the turtle house because there is a pool with sea turtle tiles at the bottom. The kids were super excited to try out the pool :) Again, I didn't take too many pictures because I was busy swimming :) I was just so happy that Spencer liked the pool way better than the ocean! :) 

First swim :) Loved it :) 

I tried to take some videos but I'm not sure they loaded correctly… 

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