Friday, June 13, 2014

Henry's 4th birthday part two - The Birthday Party!!!

Henry has the memory of an elephant. Ever since we got him a jumping castle for his third birthday, he's been asking for another jumping castle to come to his house. Luckily he was satisfied with the answer that jumping castles can only come to our house on your birthday. So the morning of his birthday party, he RAN out of his room and straight to the back door. When he saw the jumping castle being set up, he was SUPER excited :) 

Happy boy, bed head and all :) 

 Baby sister in the background there was less than impressed ;) 

 James and I tag teamed the cupcakes this year. I made and frosted the cupcakes. Then I found a how to add spider webs thing on pinterest. So James took on that part beautifully! 

 James also made a life sized Spider Man cut out for the kids to take pictures with. How fun!!! Here's Henry just hanging out :) 

 Time to JUMP! 

 I was a little pregnant last year so I didn't get to be in on the jumping action. This year, I was all over it :) 

 Daddy joined in too of course! 

 This year we got the added bonus of a huge slide! 

 It was a little (boiling lava!) hot so I had Henry sit on my lap to go down. 

 Nana and baby hanging out in the shade. 

 My big four year old birthday boy! 

 Loving on baby :) 

 Our little family :) 

 I love how Spencer is looking at Henry here :) She absolutely adores him! 

 Papa came by, just in time for some snuggles before baby's nap. 

 Time to sing! 

 Henry's just loved having all his friends there to celebrate with him :) 

 Seriously, look at that smile!!! 

 Blow out those candle big guy! 



 Then Henry spotted the presents, and it was all over. It was a little chaotic so I didn't have a chance to see what everyone got him. Thanks everyone!!! :) 

 Lots of fun Spider Man stuff :) 

 The cupcake crew. Glad they liked the cupcakes, Henry could have cared less! 

 Look at these sweet little girls! 

 Well, maybe not so sweet ;) Poor Kinsley! 

 Auntie Zee Zee came to bounce too! 

 And I think that is cousin Sean's booty right there! 

 Spencer had fun playing with all the littles :) 

 And of course, she had to be Spider Man too. She really just wanted to lick the side! 

 Here is Henry's little friend Kade. Lots of other kids took their pictures with Spider Man, some how I missed them :( 

 My friend Lorena finally got to meet Spencer! 

 After everyone left, James hooked up the hose to the slide. It cooled it off nicely but it was sooooo slippery! 

 Weeeeeeeee! :) 

 Henry bravely tried by himself. 

 He did really well until he got to the bottom and slid right off! Whoops! 

 So he was back to going with daddy! 

It really was a fantastic day! It was ridiculously hot but no one seemed to mind too much. We had so much fun having all our friends over! Thanks for coming everyone, it really made Henry's day special and memorable :) 

Someone was sleepy after such a busy day :)  

 A few days after the party, this little angel turned eight months old! 

 Lighting is bad but the baby is still cute :) 

 Love that little tongue! 

So there you are, my big four year old boy and my big eight month old girl! We sure are having fun so far this summer :)

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