Monday, June 2, 2014

Henry's 4th birthday part 1

My little baby boy turned four!!! It's amazing to me that four years have gone by already. I can distinctly remember walking in to the hospital to have this little guy and now he is four! He is such an incredible child. He is smart, sweet, kind, funny, challenging, and the best big brother I could ask for my baby girl. Henry has brought so much fun and laughter to our lives so we tried our best to make his birthday fun and special for him. His birthday was on a Wednesday this year so James was at work when Henry got up. James wanted to be around when Henry opened his presents but I knew once he saw them, he wouldn't be able to resist. 

Then presents before the birthday boy got up. 

 This year, Henry was way into Spider-man so I found a giant Spider-man balloon for him :) 

 This birthday boy with his loot. 

 He is four and still, looking and smiling at the camera is a challenge! 

My mom was in San Diego this week but she had left Henry's present for him. I asked her if it was ok if he opened hers while she was gone. She said sure! I figured one present should tide Henry over until James got home. I was so glad that nana said we could open her present because I was pretty sure Henry was going to love it :) 

Opening the card first. 

 A Daniel Tiger playlet that Henry had been asking for, for months! 

 He was so excited! 

 Baby sister wanted to help too! 

 Having to share his birthday with baby sister didn't seem to bother him at all, thank goodness :) 

I took Henry to the store the day before and had him pick out which cake and frosting he wanted. Having a four year old pick a cake is certainly fun! I was telling James that birthdays were easier when we could just pick for him ;) So Henry picked a white cake and blue frosting. Yum? 

Henry helped frost the cake. 

 Really he just wanted to eat the frosting :) 

 He helped with sprinkles too.

My sweet birthday boy 

 James finally got home and it was time to open the rest of his presents!

My turn to be IN some pictures! 

 Toy Story action figures. 

 Whoever puts together packaging for children's toys must not have children themselves. There is always a million things tying the damn toy to the impossible to open plastic package. This time, I had the foresight to remove all the ties before I wrapped it. Oh yeah! 

 Happy boy! 


 Daddy's turn to be in pictures. 

 Super cool shoes. 

 Darth Vader and Storm Trooper flip flops! Why don't they have this stuff for mamas too?!

 Darth Vader pajamas! 

 Look at Henry's face :) 

 It even has a super cool cape! 

Storm trooper pajamas.  

 Last present… for now. 

 Jake and the Neverland Pirates art kit. 

 Of course he goes for the stamp on his arm right away… thanks dada! 

I asked Henry what he wanted for dinner for his birthday. I told him he could have anything he wanted, anything in the whole wide world. Dangerous right? Lucky for me he picked… pasta. Not even spaghetti or anything complicated. Just pasta with butter and parmesan, that's it! After his very fancy dinner it was time for cake! 

My baby is four!!! 

 He loves being sung to! 

 And he is getting so good at blowing out the candles! 

 And after the candle is out, he goes right for the frosting! 

Part two is the birthday party!!! :)

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