Monday, June 30, 2014

Beach vacation 2014 - Day 5, 6, 7 & 8 :)

After our first few days, I wasn't so great with taking pictures. I only have a few from each day.

Henry and I enjoying our morning coffee on the beach. I loved taking morning walks to the beach with this little guy :)

Since Spencer didn't seem to be too impressed with the beach, we didn't even put her bathing suit on this day. We figured it wasn't worth the hassle since she wouldn't want to play or swim… boy were we wrong! Turns out Spencer just needed some time to warm up to the beach. So finally on day five of our trip she really got in to playing in the sand AND the water!!! It was so cute to see her crawling into the waves! 

Enjoying some beach sand :) Yum! 

 James put her down by the water and to everyone's totally surprise, she took off crawling right into the waves!!! 

 Loving it and having fun! Yay!!!! 

 She was not even worried about the waves. 

 Henry was having fun building his sand castle. 

 Spencer was FAST! She took off and James had to try to keep up with her. Se tried to eat rocks, sand, and sea weed! 

 Picking her up before the waves got her. 

 Look at my baby in the ocean! 

James and I wanted to go to celebrate out seven year anniversary. Thankfully, my mom and Emily were willing to watch my adorable babies again :) We went to this great place on Harbor Island called Island Prime. It's a steak house so James was happy :) And the view was amazing so I was happy :) 

The view from our table. 

After dinner, we stopped by Extraordinary Desserts to bring my mom and Emily some treats to thank them for watching the babies. 

 Cheesecake, yum! 

 Something called Shangri-la. Not really sure what it was but it was so good! 

 Chocolate cake, notice the gold on top? So cool! 

 Chocolate Macadamia Mousse 

The next day, we went back to swim at the house since the kids had so much fun. We just have a few pics of Henry since baby was sleeping. 

 Henry's favorite part is the spa :) nice and warm! 

My brother Matt and his family were stopping by for the day so we got everyone together for a beach pic! I think it is amazing that we got everyone looking and smiling!!! Yay! 

That evening we went for a sunset stroll down to the pier. It was a long walk but the sunset was gorgeous! 

Sunset selfie :)  

 Henry photo bombing my selfie :) 

 Baby was getting restless in her carrier so she entertained herself by pulling on daddy's ear! 

 My loves! 

 Heading home :( 

 Everyone was happy to be back home. Henry and James are playing Mario and baby was just thrilled to be out of the car! 

All in all, it was a wonderful trip! Thank you so much mom for including us in your trip again! We had a blast :) 

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